Frequently Asked Questions
If you need additional information about us, we recommend you to carefully read this section, which is presented in the form of questions and answers.
What does Provestment do?
Funds & Investment Services Limited is a leading venture capital firm that invests in mutiple fields such as Product recycling, Alternative Energy, real estates and early growth venture-backed technology companies.
Where is Provestment officially registered?
Funds & Investment Services Limited was registered in 1991 with the Nigerian corporate Affairs commission with RC Number: 162599.
How to check the company registration details?
You can check registration on the CAC website
Use company name, registered as Funds & Investment Services Limited: 162599
How safe are the plan offered by Provestment?
We make every effort for your deposit to be fully secured and to bring stable income. We can safely call our platform risk-free.
Can I visit your office?
Of course! Despite the fact that we offer online services, you have the opportunity of a personal meeting with the company’s representatives in your city. We can also facilitate your visit to our office. For more information, please contact customer support via email.